John Garbett

MS, MFA, ASUDC, CRAFT Certified Clinician

John Garbett’s passion is engaging families and other Concerned Significant Others (CSOs) in the recovery of their loved ones from substance use and mental health disorders. He graduated with honors from the University of Utah with dual Masters’ degrees in Economics and Fine Arts (Theater). From 2013 to 2019 he volunteered with community-based addition recovery organizations facilitating 100s of group meetings including NAMI’s educational program for families living with mental health conditions. During this time John helped write the CRAFT Family Support Group Workbook used in 7 states. In 2019 John completed the University of Utah’s Advanced Substance Use Disorder Treatment Training Certificate (ASUDC) program. His current family support partners include The Purpose of Recovery, New Roads Behavioral Health and USARA (Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness). Every week, via telehealth, John shares CRAFT Connects programs with families all across the U.S.

For 25 years, as an agent of change, John led creative development and production management teams for DreamWorks SKG, MGM/UA, Warner Bros, Universal, Amblin Entertainment and Disney. Projects included “The Disney Sunday Movie”, “Father of the Bride”, “The Frighteners”, “The Matrix” and the Academy Award winning “Shrek”. He created the groundbreaking “12 Steps to Change” addiction recovery video series and other behavioral health related media and curriculum for the LDS Church.