Lupe Luna

Hasaka’ Nik’ki Heshkum – Greetings, to all my relations 😊
Guadalupe “Lupe” Luna is Maidu, Wintu, Washoe, Pomo and Yaqui. She strongly emphasizes in her native traditions, culture and values intergenerational knowledge.  She has 5 beautiful children; loves to sing, dance, read, and learn her native culture.  She’s a traditional dancer and singer, In her spare time she beads, makes ribbon skirts and shirts, regalia and baskets.  She loves to teach others as well as learn from them.
Guadalupe currently is Greenville Rancheria Tribal Council Secretary/Treasurer, secretary of Missing Murder Indigenous Women & People (MMIW&P), Board of Trustees Vice Chairperson of Deganawidah-Quetzalcoatl (D-Q University), she has an Associate of Arts in Arts & Humanities & Computerized Accounting, Associate of Science in Natural Science & Engineering Technology.