Tracey Lee

Recovery Advocate and Trainer

Tracey Lee brings 28 years of training experience to The Purpose of Recovery, in the field of recovery support, coaching, advocacy, and social services eligibility programs.  She has been instrumental in the design and delivery of coaching courses, peer support programsthe development of county and program policies and procedures, as well as soft skills and professional development. She currently lives in California where she is the founder of Amplify Excellence, a training and coaching company. She is also an instructor with the UC Davis Center for Human Services specializing in coaching, supervision, and DISC. She is professional coach, certified through the ICF and CCA and has coached staff and peers in multiple counties across California.  

Ms. Lee is active in the recovery community, as part of CCAPP, OC Recovery Collaborative, and her most important role, a peer coach and trainer for The Purpose of Recovery. Ms. Lee’s passion for coaching, supervision, and training is reflected in her innovative, interactive workshops. Learners are engaged through breakout groups, polls, and interactive exercises to reinforce learning and improve agency outcomes.  


Workshop Title:  Self Care in Recovery 

Join us for an interactive exploration of self-care in recovery.  During our time together we will reconnect to our shared purpose and reflect on moments of peak wellness followed by the opportunity to share the actions we took in any of the 5 dimensions of self-care. We will then create a collection of self-care actions we can use to take care of ourselves and our recovery. Each attendee will have an opportunity to create their own daily self-care routine. 


  • Understand the power of purpose 
  • Connect to our shared purpose in recovery 
  • Explore the 5 dimensions of self-care 
  • Reflect on our own self-care in recovery 
  • Share ideas for self-care in the recovery community