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Deanna Allen

Community Developer

Deanna Allen 2021

Deanna Allen is Founder of Abundant Place.  Affectionately known as “The Prison Lady” Deanna has spoken and facilitated classes extensively nationwide inside of prisons, jails, and juvenile halls. Referred to as “a light, a spark plug, extremely dynamic, riveting, and a breath of fresh air” she brings personal experience and unique perspective as a remarkable voice communicating hope and help. She enjoys travelling as a motivational and inspirational speaker and trainer sharing at conferences, leadership events, charitable organization functions, and churches when her schedule permits. Deanna has authored five books and co-authored several more. She is a Senior Faculty Member of Women’s Empowerment University, former National Director of Daughters of Destiny Prison Ministry, and a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).  Deanna was the 2018 recipient of the Soroptimist International Ruby Award Winner and then the Regional Ruby Award Winner in 2019. 

Through the efforts of Abundant Place located in Vacaville, CA Deanna oversees and participates in collaborations with organizations focusing on projects that increase the capacity of community and faith-based organizations. Locally, Deanna does this through a coalition she co-founded known as SISN – Systems Impacted Support Network and another known as Faith Reintegration Network Solutions (FRNS).  Nationwide Deanna does this as a consultant and has had the privilege of working with the Whitehouse and the State Capitol on Re-Entry and Substance Use Disorder Issues. Deanna is also Programs Director for Solano Recovery Project (SRP) where she oversees a Federal SAMHSA Grant known as BCOR -Building Communities of Recovery.   

Deanna is the founding visionary of the Statewide Reentry Solutions for Success conferences widely attended and highly acclaimed. Deanna sits on her county’s Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) Board, and completed work on a 2nd Chance Grant Demonstration project that received a commendation from the Attorney General. Deanna is also actively involved in state and county level work through Advisory Boards and Committees on Continuity of Care and Innovative Reentry Models.  In addition, Deanna has recently overseen the successful launching of six women and children’s homes in her home county of Solanofour of which are in her hometown of Vacaville. It is at these homes where Deanna and her staff oversee 24/7 support for nearly thirty women and children not including aftercare for alumni and family members.  

Deanna, known for introducing herself saying, “I once was a hopeless dope fiend. Now, I’m a dope-less hope fiend.”  Says that as much as she loves serving women and children, and there’s sure been plenty, if she were to hang up her hat and love on her husband of twenty five years, their six children ranging in ages from 31 to 10 and her two grandchildren….. she’d be the luckiest woman in the world.